Completed Projects

Manicure board

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Personalize manicure board. I did the Embroidery and someone else did the vinyl wrap.

CTR towels

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New year, new group of kids. Order your towels for your kids in your class that are getting baptized this year. Great gift for new converts also.

Memory pillow

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Take an old shirt from a loved one that has just passed away and make it into a memorable pillow that you can hug and snuggle with to remember them by.

Machine quilting

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I finished off these quilts with machine quilting on my long arm. Call today to get your quilt quilted also.

What Makes a Horrible Gift?

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What Makes a Horrible Gift?

What Makes a Horrible Gift?

On average we are given at least five gifts a year. Have you ever given a gift that was absolutely horrible? You may not know if you’ve given a bad gift, that’s why we created this list to help you know what the five worsts gifts are and why you should NEVER give them.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a convenient way to say, “I care about you enough, but I totally forgot that I was supposed to get you something”, or “It’s my social obligation to get you something, but I don’t know you well enough to get you an actual gift”. If you’ve been giving the people that you are closest to in life a gift card as a gift you may want to think of another gift that shows how unique that person is to you.

Exercise Equipment

Most of us have been in a place in our lives where we complain to those that we love about how we need to start working out or losing weight. This does not mean that it is time to buy exercise equipment as a gift, unless the person specifically told you that they want exercise equipment as a gift.

A Pet Fish

Fish are great, we love fish, in-fact our business has a salt water aquarium, but we understand how much work a pet fish can be. A pet fish is fun gift as a kid, but as an adult it’s a way of giving yet another responsibility when there life is already busy enough.


Let’s face it, women feel pretty in lingerie but it’s really a gift for the man. Just because you read something that says, “for your special someone”, that doesn’t mean that you should give lingerie as a gift to that special someone. After all, we all saw how uncomfortable it made Buddy’s dad when Buddy gave him a very special gift on Elf.

A Re-Gifted  Gift

As mentioned above, we’ve all been given some pretty horrible gifts, but why do we keep they horrible gift cycle going by re-gifting that horrible gift? Most likely the gift that you are re-gifting has been re-gifted another five times before it came to you. If you didn’t like the porcelain raccoon from your co-worker, why would your neighbor Fred want it for his birthday? Unless Fred just really likes raccoons.

What Makes a Good Gift?

There are many ways to show someone that you care about them, but the best way is to give them a gift that shows them how much you care about them. Stop giving generic gifts and start giving custom gifts that show you really care. At Longhurst Custom Embroidery and Quilting we create gifts that preserve memories at a price that won’t break your budget. Give a custom towel with the date and name of a someone who was just baptized. Or give a beautiful quilt to a bride on her special day.

Logo put on jackets

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Andi Mack transportation

Christening blanket and bib

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These beautiful blanket and bib can be customized to fit your needs. They’re made with minke. 

Sunee vest

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 This is the best I worked on for a client that owns a business. It takes up the whole back of the vest.

This is the best I worked on for a client that owns a business. It takes up the whole back of the vest.


Car seat

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Worked on car seats for a  customer. I think they turned out great. I did the logos on the car seats that were purchased  by the customer.